Full Memberships

Donated Memberships

For Full memberships we keep your cash investment low, and additional benefits high, by having members donate product for ExerciseNZ to sell to members of the public who are new to exercise.

It’s about getting more people active, while also raising funds for ExerciseNZ, all the while keeping the cash cost of your membership to a minimum.

The standard donation for Full memberships is:

– Exercise facilities and membership based businesses: 2 x 3, 2 x 6, 2 x 12 month membership
– Concession card based businesses (common in Yoga Studios): 2 x 10 visit card 4 x 20 visit card
– One on One PT sessions (for sole traders who do not sell memberships): 6 x 3 one hour PT sessions

Annual Donations

The standard donation for Full membership refreshes annually around the 1st of September.

Product Value Changes

Please inform us when the value of your products change (see Plan & Payment). The advertised value of the donated products as of September 1st should reflect current values.


Donated product purchases will be emailed to the Voucher Email associated with the account. The purchaser will be instructed to present the same email voucher as proof of purchase. A reference ID for the voucher as well as identification details are included.