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For Exercise Facilities

What/who is the Exercise Association of New Zealand (ExerciseNZ)?

ExerciseNZ is a non profit incorporated society. Our members are fitness centres and people with an interest in fitness centres throughout New Zealand. The ExerciseNZ represents these centres on a broad range of issues, as well as advising and informing members of industry issues.

How is the ExerciseNZ funded?

We are a totally non profit organisation. ExerciseNZ receives the vast majority of its funding direct from its members and activities.  Like all non profit organisations, it shows full annual accounts to its members at each AGM.

Who runs ExerciseNZ?

At the AGM each year a board of members is elected to govern and manage the organisation. If you are interested in becoming involved, please feel free to put your name forward (contact the Chair for details).

What’s the link between ExerciseNZ and Skills Active?

ExerciseNZ is a partial owner of Skills Active (the Sports, Fitness and Recreation Industry Training Organisation). As the fitness industry’s link to Skills Active, ExerciseNZ votes on issues on behalf of the industry at shareholder functions.

What about IHRSA?

ExerciseNZ is the New Zealand liaison partner for IHRSA (the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association). ExerciseNZ members receive  Federation Membership to IHRSA (full membership is worth $US 300 a year).

What if one members of ExerciseNZ has an issue with another operator?

From time to time members of ExerciseNZ may have a concern with the way that another provider of services in the industry is behaving. In such cases ExerciseNZ can act as facilitator should both parties agree.

What is ExerciseNZ's position on council gyms?

ExerciseNZ’s membership is made up of commercial operators and and non profit organisations (including councils). ExerciseNZ’s position is that councils play an important role in the provision of exercise services to the community, although in most regions they are a small minority when measured in terms of number of total number of facilities. Where any member has an issue with another operator in the industry then ExerciseNZ can help to act as a facilitator, or at least get the parties talking. Councils operating in competition with commercial fitness centres need to be mindful of the prices charged by the facilities and the effect this has on other providers in their region. ExerciseNZ recommends that when a Council activity is subsidised by rates, prices should be set that take regard of other operators in their geographic area.

For members of the public

I am wanting to join a fitness centre, what do I do?

If you’re new to fitness centres, first download our what to look for in a health & fitness centre brochure. We also recommend only using facilities that are registered with the NZ Register of Exercise Professionals. For a directory go to REPs.

I am looking for employment in the fitness industry

Firstly, if you are considering a role that involves exercise advice or demonstration (such as group exercise, personal training, gym work etc) then ensure you complete a course that is registered with the New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). Once you have completed the course then register with REPs (most employers will insist on this).

Some useful links:

  • For a list of REPs registered courses click here.
  • You can also view our employment/training page that has a number of useful links and resources.
  • Finally, visit FitNZ (the job site for the exercise and fitness industry in NZ).
Does ExerciseNZ sell equipment or nutritional supplments

No we don’t. If you are a fitness centre looking for products or looking for commercial fitness equipment or looking for business to provide you with other services, we recommending using a ExerciseNZ preferred supplier. To find out more about our Preferred Supplier directory, visit this page.

I am a student wanting info for an assignment can you help?

We are a membership organisation, and have a limited amount of information available to students for free. If you are seeking this information please visit this page.

I wish to complain about a gym/exercise facility, what options do I have?

Firstly, contact the facility manager and outline your concern.  It is useful if you also say what you would like done about your concern.

Where possible, put your complaint in writing, as this helps everyone understand what the issue is.  Email is quite useful too, especially if you know the email address of the person you wish to complain to.


If you are not happy with the outcome, there are many organisations that can help with dispute resolution, or investigation, such as:


  • Specialist organisations such as the Privacy Commissioner (for matters relating to privacy/your data)
  • The Disputes Tribunal (useful when the two parties do not agree on what the outcome should be)
  • Regulatory bodies, such as the Commerce Commission. Note: The commission does not investigate all complaints, but your complaint may help it decide what issues are most important for it to investigate.
  • If the facility is a member of ExerciseNZ and/or Registered with the New Zealand register of Exercise Professionals, and you think they have broken the industry code, you can complain to us.  This is outlined in detail on our complaints page.


One important thing to remember is that a good proportion of complaints are due to perceived, or actual, mis-communication. To minimise this, things are best in writing.  Where one party agrees to change a written agreement (such as membership agreement), have this noted on your agreement, as this will avoid any later issues with the two parties having different interpretations of what was said. If an issue does arise, contact the facility as soon as possible and try to sort it out. In our experience, issues left for long periods are harder to resolve.